My teaching has evolved over many years of practice and although it is based on formal training, it is very much informed by my daily practice of living life.



My first experience of Yoga was through learning Transcendental Meditation in 1990. I was then working in the corporate sector and the practice offered a welcome relief from a stressful job and life's overload. It ignited a deep thirst for self-knowledge and a life long seeking for the ultimate truth and connection to the source. The physical practice of asanas became my daily ritual a few years later, when I was recovering from chronic fatigue. The sense of well-being and peace it created in my life made me want to share this practice with others, and in 2000 I completed a two year Teacher Training programe at the Iyengar Yoga Institute in Maida Vale. 


Soon afterwards, I met Donna Farhi who inspired me to look deep into myself for answers as well as introducing me to the work of great somatic teachers like Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen and Thomas Hanna. I completed Donna's teacher training course in Vancouver, Canada in 2004.


A pivotal moment in my understanding of yoga came from meeting and studying with a Chinese Qi Gong Master, Zhixing Wang. It was then that the emphasis of my practice shifted away from the physical body and mind to the formless flow of Prana/Qi, and the practice became more effortless, guided by an inner voice, full of healing potential, and definitely much more fun. Subsequently, I learnt to teach Qi Gong with a California based Qi Gong Master Lee Holden and completed his teacher training course in 2019.


Somewhere along this journey, my interest in the workings of the body and mind, took me to study Neuro Linguistic Programming. I completed a two year NLP Master Practitioner programme in 2007, and continue to be amazed how freeing thinking from habitual patterns can have an everlasting, powerful effect on one's body and life choices.

I have travelled the world in search of teachers, healers and shamans, but after many years of wanderings I realised that what I seek doesn't exist in some exotic location, but inside. We just have to be still, relax and listen deeply. 


These days, I hang out more in London, teaching private classes from my home studio near Baker Street, occasional group classes at Triyoga, courses in London and retreats in sunny places!